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I have read some posts about double layering fondant to get a smoother look. I covered my cakes last night and they are very lumpy and you can see the choc. cake through my white fondant. I am looking for tips on how to add the 2nd layer of fondant?? Do I need to apply another layer of thin buttercream? Or do I need to brush the 1st layer of fondant with crisco? Or do I need to brush the 1st layer with water?Thank you for your help!
I just covered a dummy cake last night. I iced it with butter cream first, very thin layer. It stuck nicely to the styrofoam and the fondant covered perfectly.
I am wanting to color white chocolate disks to put into a chocolate this possible.I was thinking of using a black gel color to get gray?
Thank you for all your help...I will let you know how it turns out!
I am needing to make a lime green color on a cake...any advise on what colors to mix? I have a standard green color, should I mix yellow in with it?
Help!!!I am having trouble, espically when I mix color into my foundant with cornstarch left on it after it is on the cake and also water spot or drips where I glued on my accents.How do I remove this or what can I apply to the fondant on the cake to give it more of a shine and remove the spots.???? I was thinking of heating up some crisco and water and brushing it on? Is this a bad idea?
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