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Does anyone have a recipe for shortening free/dairy free marshmallow fondant? I know someone who can't have either, but wants to try an alternative. She is also looking for a good "buttercrean" type frosting that might work to decorate her kids birthday cakes.
Hi there,I have been asked to make a cupcake wedding cake for about 100 people. My question is this, what is the best way to make the cupcakes ahead of time without drying out? I have frozen cupcakes in the past, just for my famliy from leftovers, but I would never serve them to anyone that way. Can you do the plastic wrap tip on warm cupcakes without the paper peeling away? Thanks ahead for any help.
Did you look on Wilton's site? Sometime I find just what I'm looking for there. Good luck!
Thanks everyone so far, something to think about this weekend.
Hi All,I feel like I haven't been here forever, new job, keeps me busy. Well, I have been making regular cupcake cakes for awhile now and charge $1 a cupcake. I was wondering for anyone who had done them, what do you usually charge for a cupcake wedding cake? I don't know if I could do them for $1 a piece. I am meeting with a bride early next week and wanted to get some ideas. Thanks everyone!
That's awesome! I am making a CCC for my DH's kindergarten party next week! I was going to do a snowman, but now, maybe a Santa!
Okau it won't work, I'll post it later!
Just wanted to post a picture!
Oh my! I just looked at my last post that my husband typed for me. I guess we need spell check! Well, thanks all for your help, I ended up freehanding it and it was fine. Not sure what the problem was, I do these all the time! Thanks again!
I lat it refreeze and it still stuck. I did bring it to room temp first and it didnt peel. thanks
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