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so if recipe calls for 2 sticks of butter, 1 cup of shortening. I'd do 2 sticks of butter, and 1 cup of butter?thnx
JB0828.....If i already use butter, do i just add more to replace the crisco?
thnx. just that everytime i make it, my mom is always saying...did you use crisco/shortening? i guess just the thought of that makes her not want to even eat my frosting. lol just thought to ask.
im sure i know the answer to this but....can buttercream frosting be made without using crisco?thanks.
hi,i have a castle cake coming up (my first one), here is a link to it..its a pinata....customer wants it as a cake to match. questions feed 100 people, what size of square cake pan should I use, and how tall? the pinata looks like it's just 1 tier, so the castle will just be stacked going up. also, would i put a cake board somewhere in the middle of the cake (besides the bottom cake board), that way it...
how many are needed using a round 12 inch x 3 inch pan. 1 or 2?thnx.
but if you dont have a base to put the cake on would you still use the same size cake board as the cake? i usually use the cake board as the main base, as long as it's sturdy enough.
ive used the cake mix extender recipe from this site a few times. and like the taste of it. i want to add banana pudding to add flavor. would that be a bit thick for it to cook properly?thnx.
thnx. the servings on that site seem a bit small/thin. im familiar w/this family and they are pretty generous when it comes to cake. but i do agree the 9 inch might be too wide for the top tier. maybe i should go w/an 8 inch. thnx everyone.
okay kewl. im not that good in figuring how much a cake would serve. thnx
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