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That being said my $40 (8inch) I call 20 servings as a decorated whole cake but as a cut cake, cut into 12 slices I should be able to make $4-$5 a serving and make about $20 more per cake when sold by the slice. Kind of like when you buy in bulk it is cheaper but by the slice it will cost you more.Joanne
I do plan to cut into wedges. I think that looks much nicer. My cake prices vary from just standard flavors starting at $40 for 8 inch and up for carrot, etc.Joanne
Yeah I am working on figuring that in. That is why I will charge more per serving when sold individually, even though that slice will be slightly larger I will still make more money on the cake that is sold by the slice. It will be a learning curve for sure.Joanne
TexasSugar, that is exactly what I was thinking of doing. An 8" cut into 12 slices. I normally call an 8 inch round 20 servings but for by the slice size I thought about cutting it into 12 instead. Guess I wasn't too far off track.Joanne
I will be opening my new storefront in early May. I plan to have dessert cakes to be purchased by the slice in store. I use the Wilton chart now for my pricing for my "regular" order cakes. I am thinking of slicing the in-store cakes a little larger and charging more per slice for them. Anyone else do this? Any ideas or comments? I will have sit down with drinks also. Thanks for any input.Joanne
I got each set for $5 (I hope).Joanne
I just ordered them from decopac for $5 each.Joanne
Thanks Loucinda. We really like it here.Joanne
Just met with our Fire Chief today to discuss oven hoods. He said all I need is a fan...basically just a plain ole oven hood with a fan nothing fancy. Whew! I was sweating the cost of a commercial oven hood. A bright spot in the spending I am doing for my new shop.Joanne
It sounds like this will be a great oven. Thanks for the replies.Joanne
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