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Congratulations and Best of Luck!Joanne
Thanks everyone, it's been quite a journey. Still lots to do to get it all ready. Should start painting tomorrow.Joanne
Looks very good. Good job!Joanne
Thank you all. I am planning my grand opening for May 7th!Joanne
Today was my last day of work at my day job. It was bittersweet because I still like the job and people but I am planning the grand opening of my new shop!! Wish me luck!Joanne
Use mini marshmallows. Cut an X in the top on one and then squeeze the bottom slightly to open the top. I then used a yellow food pen to put a little "butter" on them. This is how I made the popcorn for my circus cake in my pics. Very easy!Joanne
I think it depends on your area, what your customer base is willing to pay. Personally, I wouldn't do this design because of copyright. Not sure how much over $3 a serving I could get. I would price the fondant at $3 per serving but add on for all the little extras. Joanne
Hmmm....well I will try it out. Back to my original question I thought this gun was bigger.....I guess this is the correct size, about 5 inches?Joanne
The gun is red. It is known as the s u g a r c r a f t gun.
I just received my sugarcraft gun today. It is much smaller than I thought it would be. It is only about 5 inches long. Just hoping I got the right gun. Anyone else have this and is this the right size. Joanne
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