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Has anyone ever ordered from a company called Babykakes? I am looking for fda approved foil and they seem to have it.Joanne
Thanks so much for the reply.Joanne
Here is a look at my new shop.Joanne
Has anyone ever orderd Merckens candy coatings? Curious how they are compared to Wilton. Need to order some. Thanks in advance for replies.Joanne
I bought one recently for my new shop and it costs me $850. It was a local restaurant supply business. Mine is also a 20 qt Hobart, probably 30 years old. I just used it a couple of days ago and it works great.Joanne
Congrat! Good luck to you!Joanne
I had my Grand Opening for my new shop yesterday. We had a great turnout. Ribbon cutting ceremony and all. Five cake orders already! I will post pics when I remember to get them from the shop. I think I am still in awe. It really feels great.Joanne
I will probably use royal. Thanks.Joanne
I am going to be piping on a fondant covered cake. I am debating on using BC or Royal. Any thoughts?Joanne
I made water out of jolly ranchers. I melted them and them just shaped it into what I wanted. My cake with the water hose shows it.Joanne
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