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I am looking at selling cookies to businesses and they will sell them to their customers. Do I sell to them at a discounted/wholesale price and then they sell them for what I sell normally to my customers? I am new at this and not sure how to go about it. Any ideas? (yes, I am a licensed storefront, two months now)Thanks,Joanne
Thanks I appreciate the quick response.Joanne
I need to make some flower cookies on a stick. I plan to use nfsc recipe can I make the cookies fairly thick and stick have good results? Thanks.Joanne
The cake is decorated in BC. The royal is just the words on top.Joanne
I just made a cake with royal icing (words on the cake). Am I right thinking that it would be a mistake to refrigerate this ? I am worried about the royal melting.Joanne
I just opened my shop one month ago today. It is a lot of work, but I love it. If you have any questions in particular I may be able to answer some of them. Just PM me. Good luck to you.Joanne Joanne's Creative Cakes
Thanks Texas.Joanne
Does anyone have directions for making hibiscus? I greatly appreciate any replies. Thanks.Joanne
HMMM... well I think I will not order from them.Joanne
I guess this means no one has...lolJoanne
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