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No, it is not with Dream Whip.
I do believe I have found my new buttercream recipe. I made "buttercream dream" tonight. I really didn't think it would be that much different than any others I have tried but I do like it better. I used all salted butter and it was sweet but not overpowering. Even my husband said it was good. I think it's a keeper. Thanks for all the input.
Is contact paper food safe? I know it is used to line shelves but can you put food directly on it? Joanne
Thank you for your replies. I plan to make a batch tomorrow. I am making a graduation cake for Saturday and they wanted buttercream and I haven't really found one I have liked yet. I used to use the Wilton recipe but the last time I made it I didn't like it. Don't know why. I have used that recipe for about 25 years now. Thanks again.Joanne
Has anyone ever used this recipe "Buttercream Dream" It has a 5 star rating in the recipe section. I am looking for a new buttercream recipe to use and would like to know what you all think of this recipe. It is submitted by AgentCakeBaker. Also, does anyone know how well "Creamy Buttercream Frosting" by Julie Mader works for decorating. Thanks in advance.Joanne
Thanks for the info. I thought so but thought I would ask.Joanne
I have made the icing you are talking about. It is very smooth and I thought not too sweet. I am not sure about it still. Mine came out very thin (of course, next time I will just add more sugar to see how I like it). I am used to using a thicker buttercream than this one was.Joanne
I understand it is frozen but does it have to remain refrigerated after it is put on the cake? I am thinking of doing a couple of transfers for a bakesale this weekend and it will be outside in 80's (degrees F) weather. Will my cakes melt? This will be a first attempt for me at this.Joanne
Thank you all for your replies. I am glad to hear I am not the only one with crumb coat problems. I do believe I will stick to no crumb coat and forget I ever heard the word. Joanne
I am fairly new to this forum. I have posted one cake and I read all the forums and look at the galleries everyday, it is addictive. My question is this...I have decorated cakes for about 25 years now for my family and am just getting back into it heavy again. I had never crumb coated a cake before a couple of months ago. I am having no luck with that. I do better without the crumb coat. When I crumb coat I use a very thin layer of bc and refrigerate...
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