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I am looking for a good recipe for a pound cake to make petit fours out of. Also, a nice glaze to cover them. A southern U.S. recipe would be nice. I have a customer who has inquired about them and I would like to be able to try some out. Thanks in advance.Joanne
I went ahead and cooked my icing in the microwave. I don't have a stovetop to cook on is why I didn't want to use eggs. Thanks for the input KansasLaura.Joanne
I need to make this icing for a German Chocolate cake but I don't want to use eggs. All the recipes I have found call for egg yolks. Any ideas or does anyone have a great eggless recipe for this icing?Joanne
Well I have been open since May 7th. Things are going pretty well. My CAKE shop sells lots of Early in the week things tend to be slow with the mad rush for me being Saturday cakes. Not complaining at all. Just wish things could level (not going to happen). I am trying different things to get customer in the door. Free cupcake on your birthday....every Monday I put a different name on my sidewalk board for a free cupcake, etc. All in all I...
Very nice, I am partial to the pink and brown those are the colors in my shop.Joanne
When I opened my shop in May I had a container full of candles (cheap at the dollar store). Funny how people actually got close to the number. The winner got a free 8 inch cake. Good luck to you!Joanne
I am looking for a good scratch recipe. I have only tried two and they weren't from this site. I can't remember where I found them because I tossed them after not liking them. Any flavor cake is fine, I just need something to offer my customers. Thanks.Joanne
I have been looking for a decent sugar free cake recipe to no avail. Everything I have tried is dry. Anyone have a good recipe to share?Joanne
Thanks, no I hadn't. I did a search and couldn't find anything. Must have not used the right search words.Joanne
Anybody? Any ideas or suggestions welcome.Thanks, Joanne
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