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I just bought CK Clear Vanilla. I am used to using Wilton. CK seems to be a lot stronger flavor than the Wilton. Does anyone else use CK and do you use less than you do of the Witon brand? I am thinking of using 1/2 to 3/4 the amount of Ck than I use of Wilton. Any thoughts?Thanks.Joanne
I have a small sit down bakery. I do have an accesible restroom. The benefit is the extra income from what is sold from my case. The downside is if I am busy in the kitchen I have to stop what I am doing and come out to the front. Yes, most people want to talk, I politely tell them if I am to busy and they understand. My shop is small enough that it is just myself and I have a window from my kitchen to the front. The extra income is worth having the sit down service...
I paid my lawyer $400 to file mine. That was just 4 months ago.Joanne
I have a storefront and I offer cookies, cake by the slice, cake pops, cruffles aka cakeballs, muffins, cupcakes, anything else when I have time.Joanne
Thanks everyone. I will certainly check out all your pics.Joanne
Does anyone out there have a good tutorial on carving a tractor from cake that they would like to share? Thanks in advance.Joanne
Thanks everyone. My ad will start running this Friday. The radio guy took my info and made it great! It is a small town and I will have two ads per football game and one ad a day besides for two months. Wish me luck on the returns.Joanne
I think I have it....all it took was putting it into words on here...lolCustom cakes are our specialty. If you can dream it up we can turn it into cake for someone special.  I have to turn it in in about an hour.Joanne
I am working on a radio ad and am trying to get wording to relay the message....if you can dream it I can bake it idea.....any ideas?? Thanks in advance for the input.Joanne
Has anyone ever bought Deco Pac's fondant. It looks like it says satinice on the bucket in the picture. I wonder if it is Satin Ice brand. Need to order some fondant and wondering if this fondant is any good, tasting and workablity. Thanks for any input.Joanne
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