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Small town here also. I have a small cake shop. I sell cupcakes, cookies, cake by the slice, muffins, and of course special order cakes. I am open 8-5 M-F and 9-12 Sat closed on Sun. I also sell coffee and soda. I started out 10-6, the extra hour in the evening didn't produce much for me. I decided to open earlier in the morning to try to get people in to buy muffins and coffee but still not a lot of that. I am here from 6am-5pm most days. Good luck on your...
I have a Blodgett. It works fine for me.Joanne
Thanks everyone, I opted for 7 days, they are wrapped well.Joanne
I offer 10% military discount, retired or active. My husband is retired Air Force and my son is a Marine. I live in an "Air Force town". Almost everyone that comes in the door is military. I just feel it is the least I can do for them. They are the reason we are free to do what we want to do. Just my two cents.Joanne
I have a bakery and I sell cookies to a coffee shop for resale. I want to add a sell by/ use by date on these. What is the most common time frame most of you use. I keep them for up to 4 days in my case in my shop I thought since the cookies I resell are plastic wrapped maybe 7 day expiration would be a good number. Any thoughts?Joanne
Thanks for the reply. I think I will give it a try.Joanne
Shop looks great! Good luck to you and Happy Grand Opening!Joanne
Has anyone ever used gluten free flour with the recipe from this site? If so, how did it come out?Joanne
I am at a loss to find an edible sugar free recipe for cake. Anyone out there with a GOOD sugar free cake recipe? I really need a spice cake recipe for an order. Also, a good icing recipe as well that is sugar free. Thanks for any input.Joanne
I did buy a one gallon bottle because it is less money and less hassle. I just made some icing and I did use only half the amount called for. It turned out just fine.Joanne
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