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Kakeladi...I first thought to do that but then figured if I did the Wilton classes the agenda and everything would be already in place. How hard was it to come up with your own teaching plans? I have talked with Wilton and they want me to carry some of their items for resale in my shop. I am a very small shop and not really sure that that would be financially feasible for me. Joanne
Does anyone here that owns a storefront teach Wilton classes? If so, how is that working for you? I am thinking of doing it and I do have a storefront bakery. People ask me all the time about classes.Joanne
Madicakes, would you mind sharing what size sundae cups you use and lids. Thanks.Joanne
Thanks, started with pink, it got fairly red, red enough.Joanne
I need to color buttercream dark red....any ideas on how not to get pink? Thanks in advance.Joanne
I am selling it is why I am just trying to find some kind of background idea to make it fit it with... Just coming up blank other than exactly what you said. It is for a girl so I guess I could put some flowers on it.Joanne
Any ideas, I am drawing a blank. Elmo is copyrighted so I need to do some kind of "background" or something that would go with an Elmo party. Open to any suggestions. Thanks in advance.Joanne
I have a fondant three tier cake that is going to be piped with royal icing. It will be driven several hours and served the following day. My question is.. if I box it , then cover it with plastic wrap can I store it in the refridgerator or will it still melt the royal icing piping?Thanks, Joanne
My 1/4 sheet is 9x13 the boards I can find to buy are 10x14. Not big enough for a border. Same with 1/2 sheets 12 x 18 boards are 13 3/3 x 18 3/4. I buy from BRP. Boxes are the same issue. My 1/3 sheet fits the half sheet boards and boxes great with room for a border. Anyone else know of somewhere to buy just a little larger box and board? Joanne
Chamber of Commerce dues and Health Dept License both yearly for me.Joanne
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