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Thanks winniemog.
Has anyone had any luck collaring 2 inch pans to make them 3"?  Thanks in advance.
I am making sugar cookies for a wedding and the bride wants hearts with initials that look like they are burned into wood.  The wedding is rustic and the cookie will be an off white color.  Any suggestion on how to do this?  I am thinking of trying rubbing some cocoa powder around the letters.  Thanks in advance.
Does anyone have a good chocolate poundcake recipe?  I am doing a wedding cake and she wants chocolate poundcake.  Thanks in  advance.
That is how I do it pick it up with arms but its so large it begins to tear.  I guess I will just have to move faster.  Also, two of us picked it up.
    I will be making an American flag out of fondant it will be aprox. 16x24 inches. I have made one the same size previously but it was quite hard to move to the cake. I wondered if anyone had any good advice on how to do this without tearing the huge piece of fondant.
I make one at my shop also. I found a recipe online and tweeked it. I actually cook my own bacon and crumble it into the cupcake. I sell lots of them.
I have these same stands. I bought them at Michael's. The ones I have are pink and look very nice as is, in fact I use them on top of my display case to display cupcakes.
I do have a seperate room to be used as a classroom. I am also well insured as well.Joanne
Anyone else teach classes of any kind at their bakery?Joanne
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