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Oh!!! I am hungry....
Hi Frankeybee, I ONLY use Fondant, if you look at my photos...Maybe one isn't, but I love FOndant..You can do anything with it..cover a cake, make flowers, pearls, lace, ruffles, figure etc..... it does not need refrigeration unless the cake under it need to be refrigerated. Try it, it could be a great challenge at first, but you won't regret it you decide to get into is an example of how it looks on the cake:
Rosita, has it.that's where I bought mine...the one I used here (blue booties):
Hi Jopalis,,I am in CALIFORNIA, just like you.. You can make me a cake !!! LOL .. I don't know where in CA you are at, but I am here in the Sacramento area. Where Ahrnold Schwartzenegger lives..
YES, call the Thread Police quick !!
I have one and I really was not too crazy about it.The fact that I cannot see the cake baking in that dome scares me.I've tried it once and I might do it again.
I don't think you can substitute reg milk for buttermilk..Buttermilk has a purpose. The results won't be tha same..Like Red Velvet and Italian Cream Cake has Buttermilk.
Sure, I'll bring my recipe for Mocha Chiffon Cake tomorrow..I have it at home.
White would be very close to Angel Food Cake...I have recipe for Mocha Chiffon, Lemon and Orange...I love chiffons cakes. very airy.
Wiltons ? nasty ? really ? what a surprise !
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