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I still really like the saying that a lot of people on this site have used. Sent from Heaven up above, a Baby Girl for you to love! For some reason I just think it's so cute.
What type of shortening do you use? I found that when I've used anything but Crisco it turns out really greasy tasting. Even with Crisco it is greasy (you can't really get away from it) but it dosen't feel like there's a coat of grease on your tongue.
For me it is a stress reliever as well. As long as I wait until everyone goes to sleep and then start to decorate. It's so nice to do it in piece and quiet without the baby biting my toes or pulling my pants down when I have my hands all covered in icing. And without the 2 older ones asking me to do something for them every 5 seconds. Of course my DH can't stand the fact that I stay up all night long, it was bad before but now I'm pregnant and of course that only makes...
I made a few brown fondant bows (pics in my photos) and I just used the Wilton brown but I had to add a lot of it. I probably used a whole jar. I think I might of even added some red and some black to darken it up.
Your cake was beautiful!! I don't think she thought it wasn't good enough for a door prize. Like someone else said maybe it looked too good to her and she just had to have a piece. You should ask if you really want to ease your mind.
That is a great price! I bought a jar of silver luster dust here at a local cake store and it cost me $11.00 CAN. I'm not sure how many grams but the container is only about as round as a quarter and about 3/4 of an inch high. It's one of the only cake supply stores here so I guess they can charge anything they want.
I get mine at Michael's, it works great. Although I've never used it with MMF, I've only used it with Wilton fondant. I'm sure it will work great with that too.
I think they both turned out great. Your second is really cute though. I think she is adorable, I love her hair.
My favourite is Nature's Butterfly Garden by ellyraeI have no idea how to add the picture though. I think this cake is beautiful.
It looks great! I think if the problem is cutting the pictures, remove them before the cake is cut? I'm not sure what they are made out of but it looks like fbct. Maybe take it into another room and remove the pictures so no one will have to see pieces of the faces missing when it is cut into.
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