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I, too, like the Ateco mat. Though, instead of shortening I like to use a quick mist of vegetable oil! It's handy and fast. and a clean, damp counter top does make the mat stick in place!
I prefer placing the flowers on after arriving at the reception site. This eliminates any risk of them causing any damage to the cake in transport. As for advice, just be sure you are confident with your stacking method and be patient. and enjoy what you're doing!
I think that's a great idea! Don't see why it wouldnt work! I want to try it now too! Good luck!
Wow! That's not an unreasonable price at all! Quite a deal, really! I hate how rue some people can be when it comes to phone manners!
I have the same problem! I don't spray my pan, and I take them out of the pan after baking, promptly...So far, thank goodness for those cute decorative "sleeves" for cupcakes...but I wish I could just leave them plain sometimes, with just the wrapper.
wow! good job! really cute!
i made a doll cake once and made giant petal shaped pieces ...put the point at the center of the top and round part at the bottom...and then continued all the way around with i think 5 or so "petals"...then i made seperate fondant swags and attached them w/ bows i liked this because it made the dress look like it layered. it's in my gallery if you want to take a look...oh, and i covered the dress cake first with one giant circle too
i too would like to know more about this...i'm trying to stick some swags to imbc...any ideas? yes, very cute cakes kerri729. i also think maybe rolling the fondant out thinner may be helpful.
well, no the whole thing like a dress-just going to mimic part of bride's dress...
i want to attach fondant swags to an imbc covered cake-its a petal tier. w/ swags on the petal part, hopefully mostly in the front. its supposed to look like a dress
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