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Howdy,I applied to become a WMI when my neighbor suggested it. I took all three Wilton Courses over two years ago. I think that it would probably do you some good to take them, but you can always tell them your background first. They may or may not accept you, but when you are accepted, you get a lot of info to help you teach it. I have been teaching only since January of this year and believe it or not, my students thought I have been teaching for years! Weren't they...
Thanks so much! I didn't realize I had put Little Einsteins until I got the first reply. I meant Baby Einsteins. I originally tried to look in the galleries, but for whatever reason I could not pull up any. Now I don't have any trouble. Thanks for all of your help!!
Thanks a lot!! This is helpful! Do you know anything about baby einsteins?
I am in desparate need of ideas to do 4 little einstein cakes for a 1st birthday. Two cakes are for 14-16 people (1/4 sheets) and 2 are tiny cakes for the birthday boy. Please someone help me!!!!!!!!kelleykakes
That's what I was thinking, but I wasn't sure if there were any specific instructions on how to do it anywhere. I will give your suggestion a try though. Thanks a lot!!
I was trying to find out how to do the stained-glass effect, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Could someone direct me to the right place???
Welcome to your newest addiction!!!This site is so informative with so many talented people ready to help you. I am on here daily!!Good luck with the wedding cake. With your artistc background, you should turn out one incredible masterpiece!!!!
By the way, good luck on the wedding cake!!!
Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!I agree with so 100%. I am so addicted to this site. I just can't get enough!!!This is always where I come for answers to my cake questions first. Everyone is so talented and so willing to help!!
I just mix double batches at a time. While the one cake (largest) is baking, I mix the batch for the next cake. You are usually doing a different size cake the second, third, forth, etc..., so you can easily do this at the same time. I do all my batter first then the icing, so I don't have to keep washing the bowl out. (I just scrape it clean). Then while the cakes are cooling, I start doing all the frosting - double batches at a time. I'm all about time efficiency!!...
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