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I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say this, if not I'm sorry, but I would be willing to part with my new Magic Line square pans. Email me at
Hey Angie,Please email me at We can only have 15 and I need to make sure we have room in the class still. Thanks a bunch.Kelley
Hi everyone,We now have so many people interested in the gumpaste class that we have to move to a larger location. It will probably be in Westlake, OH. Please let me know if that is ok for you.Kelley
Ok, anyone who would like to do the gumpaste flower class....PM me or email me at
Hey everyone,I am in Brunswick, Ohio just north of Medina and south of Cleveland. I just posted on the Cleveland cake clubs and events to let everyone know of a class I am trying to get going on gumpaste flowers. I would also like to start up a cake club too. I have a small home business here and I teach the Wilton classes at the Hobby Lobby in Medina. I joined ICES a few months ago and went to the Mid-Michigan sugar art classes a few weeks ago. I plan on going to the...
How do I make those ice cream cone cakes? Do I do it just like I was making muffins? Do you bake them just as long? Please help.kelleykakes
Anyone know where I can find a good recipe for a Pina Colada Cake???
Hey everyone! Can anyone tell me how to go about making 3-D fondant shoes?????Thanks so much!!!
I used it to make roses and also hand-molded jungle animals. It worked great!
Could they possibly have meant Madagascar?
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