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Thanks to all of you for your great tips
Hi, I will be baking a caje using a 9X13 inch pan in a few days and I was wonderingif anyone would give me any tips on how to make a nice tall cake. I am a new baker and I need azny help I can get. Thank you!
This recipie Uses butter, eggs, sugar vanila extract and evaporated milk and of course cake flour. Thanks to all of you for your help. If possible I will post a picure of my cake
Hi everyone, I will be baking a special father's day cake this weekend and the recipie I will follow says to use cake flour, but does not mention how much baking powder to use. I purchased Swan's cake flour does it already contain baking powder? Thanks!
Thanks everyone for all of the great tips
Thank you very much Leta. The pan I will be using is a simple 9X13 Wilton pan. Your advice will be very helpful. Thanks so much. Elsa
Thanks for the info Leta. I was told to put the batter on aluminum foil. Can you please tell me what size pan you used for the first cake in your album? It looks beautiful I would love to bake a cake that is that high. I am just begining so any tips are greatly appreciated. Thank you
Hi I am sorry to bother all of you again. Here is one more of my questions I was told it would be a good idea to line my cake pan with foil for more cake volume. If I were to do this Can I spread Wilton's Cake Release on the foil? Thanks so much
tTeresa thank you very much for the idea . I will be visitinf the forum often. Thanks to everyone for welcoming me
Thanks for the tip I was already thinking of a KitchenAid stand mixer. I might purchase the one that is about $200 to start off. When are you doing your first wedding cake?
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