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Thank you very much for your time. I am really starting to be addicted to CC LOL. It is nice to see everyone is willing to help and share ideas.
Hi, All of the photos I have seen here have very smooth frosting? How can I get my frostinf to go on my cake smoothly? Thanks!
I just posted the cake in my photos.
Thank you for your advice . All these tips are helpful for my next cake
I mix the extra stuff seperately then then add it to the prepared cake batter and mix it in. Thanks for all your help!
After I prepared the extender, I added it to the batter and mixed everything together, then I poured it into the pan which was not full, but again a did pour everything into my 9X13 pan.
Just thought I would add that I use a hand mixer (since I am just beginning) and I work the batter until there are air bubbles. Would that have anything to do with the results? Thanks
Thanks so much for all your help
Thanks everyone!!! I used a box mix, plus this cake extender.CAKE MIX EXTENDER 1 package regular cake mix1 cup flour1 teaspoon baking powder1/2 cup oil2/3 cup water3/4 cup sugar
Hello everyone. I have recently started as a baker and for some reason in the pan they look fine, but they deflate when I take them out of the pan. Why? Can anyone please share some tips? Thank you!
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