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Hi Everyone. I have seen several posts from some of you who have purchased KitchenAid refurb. mixers from I have been looking on the site for months and I am almost convinced to buy one. What has your exerience been like?
Thanks to all of you
Hi Everyone yesterday I prepared a Duncan Hines 3 leches box cake and it was a disaster . I used a 13x9 pan, but I did not see that it was not listed on the box. Needless to say the cake never rose and looked like a pancake.
Thanks to all of you for the tips
Thank you soo much. I must agree that from what I seen the other day when my brother's mother in law used Duncan Hines and it did rise a lot more than Betty Crocker's super moist.
I am fairly new to baking. I tend to use more box mixes than recipies from scratch. Since you people are the experts which box brand gives the best results with extenders? Thanks
Thank you for all your help.
thanks so much!!!
Hi Everyone I would like to know if you would recommend adding a cake mix extender to a Huncan Hines box mix? Thanks!
A cake mix extender means you add additional ingredients to a box mix. These extenders give the cake a better flavor and texture. Hope my response helps.
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