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Hi, I would like to ask do any of you put your cakes in the fridge before icing? I heard about doing that because every time I frost my cakes I end up with cake crumbs in the frosting. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks
Should it taste ok if I use vanilla box mix? Thanks
Thanks for being so helpful. Hopefully one day I will also be able to contribute good stuff also
Hi everyone!! I would like to know if anyone can give me tips for a great upside-down pineapple cake from a box mix. Thanks
Thanks for of your great help
Thanks for responding!! Any tips on doctoring the mix? Thanks so much!
Hello everyone. I have a BC Golden Vanilla box mix and I am wondering if anyone has a good recipe I could use it with, or any ideas. Thanks for much, all of you are always great, always willing to help.
I have this same problem. I do cakes for family or speciall occasions but they simply do not rise! I cannot figure out what the problem is. Someone told me to swich to DH, I did and got slightly better results but not as good. What am I doing wrong? . I used the pan for in the recipe today 1/4 sheet andd it dis rise a little but not much. Can someone please help?
Thanks so much!!! Now I just need to find it in the color I want Almond Cream
Congratulations!!! I can imagine what it is llike to get a KA for Chistmas (I was not lucky this year). I have been looking at the refurbs on Amazon and have been really tempted to purchase. Can anyone tell me about their experience?
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