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Are you waiting 30-40 minutes for the icing to set up before smoothing?If so, the b/c has completely set up and you're cracking it. B/c should only be slightly crusted when trying to use the Viva or Melvira method....Viva Method: Method:
Cake mix cakes yield consistent results because the ingredients are premeasured, the recipes are formulated and tested extensively to be pretty forgiving of under or over mixing. So it would seem to me that one of your issues might be with not measuring your ingredients correctly.Flour should be sifted, gently spooned into a one cup measure and leveled by scraping a straight blade over the top - then weighed (unless the recipe specifically advises to use the scoop and...
Searched using UK and Bakers. A Thread for all UK bakers!!(Cupcakes forum.) bakers(Cake Decorating forum.) were others, but I don't have time right now to list them all.....HTH
See FlourPot's football helmet tutorial post:
Wilton Uses of Decoration Tips Book:
CC Italian Cream Cake recipes: rated Italian Cream Cake...
Here you go:
Easy and Tasty Cream Cheese (and Marshmallow Fluff) filling: Chocolate and Grand Marnier "Cupcakes" Chocolate Layer Cake with Homemade Marshmallows Hot Cocoa Cake
The link opened when I tried it.
Please don't try and circumvent CC's auto delete program, it will only result in the thread being locked...
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