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Bulk cocoa powder:
Can you freeze sour cream:
They've just been moved to a new location: your avatar photo. Click on that and they all appear:my profileedit profilemessagesnewsletterfavorite recipesmy photosfavorite photoslogoutHTH
There were only 10 posts displayed on the homepage and they were posts which were made since your current sign-on. If you utilize the "view posts since last visit" feature you can review ALL the posts entered (possibly hundreds) since your last CC sign on.This feature also frees you from needlessly waiting for topics to change on homepage, as you can quickly choose whatever interests you from ALL the forums.Or you can utilize the "newest forum posts" tab.....HTHEdited to...
Hi-altitude baking recipes:
Here's a similar style cake (the poster advises she used paper towels to achieve the drape):
There are quite a few variations on the wine barrel cake theme: might get more responses, if you can decide on one you like and then post a link to it.HTH
Here's a link to a shaped hourglass cake that is made from 3 tiers:
Thanks for the clarification. And there are previous threads on non-caking people having no idea the time and effort that goes into custom baked and decorated cakes. To paraphrase the essence of those posts - most people just haven't got a clue!Hopefully soon when you're asked to make a cake, you'll have some free time to enjoy your hobby.
icer101, the plastic sleeves are RTU (ready to use) spreadable pastry fillings: icing fruit is concentrated so it's more paste like:(I don't think it's something you'd use as is - it's definitely a mix-in.)'ve tried using the sleeved pastry filling to flavor b/c and by the time the...
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