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  The cakes should be cooled on racks for a short time (10 mins. or so) and removed while still slightly warm so that the shortening and or/flour used to dust your pans doesn't get cold and act like glue.   Additionally, the cakes should be flipped (using two cooling racks) so that they're once again "right side" up and not resting on their domes (which will cause cracking).   HTH
How to correctly measure baking ingredients:   Weight vs. Volume video:   HTH
WASC cake and variations:   Original WASC by kakeladi:   Chocolate WASC variations:   CC cake extender and...
Links to Wilton's tiered cake making & decorating help threads:   Illustrated how-to-cut level dowels by indydebi:   How to cut neat slices of tiered cakes: (by indydebi)   HTH
CakemanOH's brite white b/c recipe:   HTH
It occurred to me that Foxicakes wasn't aware of Jackie's thread asking for feedback or she might have chosen to respond there. I was merely trying to let her know that Jackie & Heath are working on more fixes... So I'm unsure how that is insulting to your intelligence.Please forgive me for trying to offer what little assistance I can.....I'll be signing off now.
Cake mixes and most scratch bakers use double acting baking powder. What this means is that the baking powder is 1st activated when liquid is added, with a 2nd activation when heat is applied (during baking). As a result, cake batter can sit without losing its ability to rise properly; it can also be refrigerated and/or frozen without losing its ability to rise properly when baked. Baking powder photos (by brand): (As well as science of baking powder.)...
BlakesCakes Red Velvet Redux - Easy and Durable: secrets of cake carving:
White Lily and Presto are two brands of self-rising cake flour.But you can easily make your own:1 cup all-purpose flour 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt Read more: make self-rising cake flour use:1 cup plus 2 tablespoons sifted cake flour Read more:...
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