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cakegrandma, I'm always happy to help.    And I'm compelled to be as accurate and complete as possible (blessing/curse?)....
chollyhale, always glad to help. 
Doug has created several cupcake templates (for different sized cupcakes) which correspond with various cake pan sizes:   If you want to make a tiara shaped ccc, just use one of the templates for the cupcake size you used and plan it out according to how many cupcakes you're using.   HTH
How to neatly cut and serve stacked/tiered cakes by indydebi:   HTH
Everything you need to know to bake, make and decorate tiered, stacked and layer cakes:   HTH
Here's one carrot variation for the WASC cake recipe:   HTH
I like the Watkins imitation butter extract:   HTH
Scratch cake with cornbread texture:   Does yellow butter cake taste sorta like cornbread:   Winners in the Great Scratch Off - Yellow Cakes: Sylvia Weinstock's ORIGINAL Classic Yellow Cake !!!!!!! #1 - Sylvia Weinstock...
Diabetic friendly frosting recipe I found:   HTH
Illustrated Classic Chocolate whoopie pie recipe (with Salty Peanut Butter filling):   More illustrated Classic Chocolate whoopie pie recipes with Marshmallow Fluff filling:   Whoopie pie and filling recipe with...
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