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Blueberry flavored cake recipes:   Kathy Sutterby's WASC recipe with variations:   kakeladi's Original WASC:   HTH
My pleasure cazza1. 
Baby Bump how-to threads:   A couple of the videos that came up for baby bump cakes:   HTH   PS.  You might get more responses, in the future, if you posted a Subject line relating to your question. 
Alcohol Substitutions in Cooking:   HTH
You're welcome LibertyCakes. 
Coloring chart:   Provided by shanter in this post:   CC tutorial on coloring icing with color chart:   HTH
To Refrigerate or Not to Refrigerate: (Please see indydebi's post on sleeved pastry fillings.)   HTH
Hi and Welcome to CC cakeformykids.    Snoopy cake toppers (from the CC gallery):   Snoopy and dog house cakes:   Secrets of cake...
Highly rated blueberry pound cake recipes (doctored and scratch):   HTH
You're most welcome Chris449842.    Look forward to seeing pics of your creation!
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