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I'm so sorry bahamamama 2 but I have accidentally deleted your post trying to Uncap your subject line.    But I'm now trying to repost the responses and picture.  I'm can't apologize enough!!!!     And I did try to list the re- posts in reverse order (so your photo would be first), but they always corrected themselves.
We don't know how large or how heavy the cake topper is.  But if in doubt, I would place it on either a fondant or b/c covered cake board or fondant/gumpast plaque (using dowels/straws for support, if necessary).   HTH
You're welcome.    Look forward to seeing pics of your creation.
Hi and Welcome to CC, shirley6.    Some previous painting on chocolate threads:   How to mold...
Yum, I'd like a slice of that.   
  Why yes it is Annie.     Glad to see you, too.! 
You're most welcome, cakeformykids. 
It would help if you could add a link or photo of the cake you're talking about. 
Hi and Welcome to CakeCentral sugardome.    EVERYTHING you need to know to bake and decorate tiered/stacked/layer cakes: (Includes recipes for icing and cakes and so much more....)   Here's a link to Tiggers from CC cake gallery:   Look forward to seeing pics of your Tigger cake. 
feeln17, your wife and my twin sister and I seem to have a few things in common.    Previous post on MMF storage:   HTH   P.S.  Look forward to seeing pics of your Valentine's/Birthday creation.
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