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A full refund has been given. Thank You to everyone that responded.I'm chalking that one up to different strokes for different folks.
I don't mean to bash box mixes either, but if that's the flavor and texture you're used to, a scratch cake is not going to come close. They are just different in every way.Just on the flip side of this I made the exact same cake for another customer on the same day from the same set of mix. They raved about it.
Fellow Baker:I need your opinion. I made a scratch lemon cake for a friend over the weekend a for paid cake. A recipe that is tried and true and everybody loves it.She calls me this morning and tells me that she and her family didn't like the cake, that it didn't taste like lemon.What in the world, with all the lemon juice that was used as well as lemon zest there is no way. And I tasted the scrapes from the cake it was very lemony.The only thing I can think of is she...
Piping gel has a sweet taste to it, it's not bad at all. I don't see a reason you couldn't add a flavor to it, for as much as you would need, it shouldn't change the consistency.
I used piping gel on my golf cake it cme out great.
Not sure of the ordering and shipping details I found some great prices at this site:
The cheapest I've seen in my area lately is 79.00 for 50lbs. The price has gone up a great deal since last year, not sure what's going on, but I have to have it, I will not use anything else.
I would definitely use RI, if you make the tiara strong enough you will be able to handle it without it breaking. (I have a cake in my photos with a RI tiara)Chocolate would make me nervous, once you hold it for to long it's going to start to melt in your hand.
To the OP, your shop is very cute.To the issue:I can't name a bakery in my area that bakes everything from scratch. They start with bulk mixes for just about everything.When you go to a restaurant those big beautiful cakes you see displayed are not even made in the restaurant. They are ordered and shipped in (I know this because a place called Sweet Heart USA in my area provides 90% of cakes for the restaurants here) and they are not from scratch.You are rarely going to...
Using the candy melts are the easiest way, I use the double boiler method to melt my chocolate.I have also used chocolate ganache because the chocolate will be firm but not hard enough to crumble
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