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Just this evening I opened a new tub of Aldi shortening, which I switched to after Crisco removed the transfats. Low and behold, it was WAY too soft coming out of the tub. Looked at the label, sure enough, they have removed the transfat. I'm afraid my frosting will start pooling on the board and sliding off the cake sides again.....why can't they leave well enough alone?
Guess what? I sent Crisco (Smuckers) an email outlining the problems I had been having with the shortening. They so thoughtfully sent me 2-$3 coupons for MORE Crisco..........Oh Boy. They did include a second page with some suggestions,,,,Stir by hand to reduce air bubbles, do not frost frozen cakes, use paper towel to smooth out any parts that appear to be rough or grainy. To reduce shininess and improve crusting add 1 Tablespoon of Meringue powder for every 1 cup of...
Here's my thoughts on transfat.....besides it being a necessary ingredient for great frosting..... people who use Crisco (myself included) and eat cake aren't too concerned with the minute amount of transfats on their plates. Pick on some other group that doesn't bring joy to the lives of their customers and family....leave us decorators alone. So there. There's nothing like a pretzel dipped in leftover frosting.........yum. Just ask the people I work with........they...
By the way KathysCC.........I checked out your two photos, definately saw the difference and your daisy's are FABULOUS. Do you use royal icing when you make them?
Thank you KathysCC...I thought it was just me. I do us margarine and I do use milk and you are absolutely right about the shiny quality of the new stuff. The texture is just WRONG. I was comparing the batch I made today using the Aldi brand and a bowl I had in the fridge that had beenin there for about a week. After being out of the fridge for just a short time I could have poured that stuff out of the bowl. I would love to say it's just a lack of experience but I...
I use 1/2 Crisco, 1/2 margarine(always Imprial). It's what I've always done. By weeping I mean around the bottom of the frosting there looks to be a line of liquid all the way around the board. I made my frosting this morning with the Aldi shortening and it is a lot more like what I'm used to. Firmer consistancy and no "weeping". After all these years I automatically contributed my problems to the new formula since I haven't changed anything in the original preparation.
Thanks Indy.........I know all about Indiana humidity since I live in Northwest Indiana. I'm going to give your frosting a try on the next famiily cake I make. Have you ever substituted some of the Crisco with margarine or butter?
Well, my daughter is surprising me with a can of Aldi shortening...with transfats. I'm going to try it on my cake tomorrow............I don't know the lady I'm making the cake for so she really won't know if it's any different or not I guess. I'll have my family try it........I have also heard of adding the powder so I'll try that with my leftover 6 lb can of Criscio.
Thanks Sharon, I do have a Walmart right up the street. I've always been afraid to switch from tried and true Crisco because of quality but that is apparently not an issue now that Crisco is terrible
I use the wilton recipe for buttercream. I have been having serious issues since the new Crisco shortening has appeared. Someone please tell me the best way to alter my recipe so that my frosting doesn't slide off the sides of my cake or pool around the edges. I tried cutting back on the milk at the end but maybe I need to cut back on the Crisco instead...HELP
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