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This is for a child's 1st birthday. They want a 10 in round and an 8 inch round and the towers and door like I've seen in pictures. I'm not sure how to make the bricks.Rachel
I need to find out how to do a 3-d castle cake. I saw a picture with 2 stacked tiers and paper towel rolls and ice cream cones for the towers. does anyone have any advice?Thanks
I need help on pricing. I am doing an 8 inch layer cake. I am trying the explosion chocolate cake with a hazelnut mousse and a chocolate frosting. I am charging $25 for the cake but with all the chocolate and heavy cream I'm using I'm barely making anything on this cake. Any suggestions on pricing?Thanks,Rachel
I was just asked to do a princess cake for 60 people + the 6 inch for the 1 yr old.I was thinking something royal looking, maybe a pillow with the tiara on top? Has anybody done this?Rachel
My dad is a huge Nascar fan and I'd love to do this cake but I have no idea how. Does anyone have any advice? I saw a picture on the CakesbySam site.Thanks,Rachel
Sorry for the typo I ment Mini Cakes
I am trying to figure out how to do many cakes. Do they sell pans for this or how would I make them? I also wanted to try mini mousse cakes but I could not figure out how to keep the mousse solid enough. Does anyone know about this?Thanks,Rachel
It fell apart. I don't know what happened. I am trying again with a different cake recipe. Any tips?
Thanks for all the help. It cracked slightly around the neck but I'm trying to fix. Any tips?
On what temp did you cook the bear. I have read that 325 for an hour and a half works? do you put your cookie sheet on the lowest rack or higher up?Thanks,rachel
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