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Okay so I (just like everyone else) love to surf around on here and look at everyone else's beautiful cakes. But I come across some really pretty ones or just seriously unique ones that someone else has already asked the creator how they did something. Maybe even asked by more than one person. Clearly that person never came back and told these people how they did what ever is in question. Why are these people not responding? Does it mean that they don't want to share?...
Maybe it's because I am new or because I don't know what it's like to look at things from a business point of view but I think anything that would expand your realm of what you offer would be a great idea. Besides you could treat it as a welcome to the "neighborhood" If he was your neighbor at home wouldn't you bake him a cake or pie? Good Luck!!!
OHHH I just made my husband a red velvet poker table cake and he wanted cream cheese icing but I told him the cake was to big to store in the fridge and that I didn't think it was a good idea to leave it on the counter all day. Wish I would have asked here. Wouldn't have mattered anyhow I didn't have time to order anything by the time he made up his mind what he wanted anyhow.
Thank you for attaching those previous forums. That explained it I am pretty sure I understand now. (I think anyway) I have never participated in forums of anykind or an interactive website for that matter. So I am very new to rules and etiquette (hope I spelled that right if not sorry). This site is really helpful for me as I am a hobby baker for friends, family, and friends of friends and family but not a business, but doesn't everyone want to have beautiful cakes and...
Yeah what does no save posts mean?
I tell you what. I bought the edible markers and I would recommend writing on scrap fondant before the real thing and also if you take a break. I had a problem when I was doing the cards on my poker table where when I crossed over a line I had already drawn it pulled at the fondant. And it's kinda like a dry marker if it sits to long you have to draw a little to make it work. I may be the only one who experienced this but I wanted to let you know since I saw your post. As...
Boy that's enought to get ya steamin'...especially since she's marrying into the family and the family member didn't think to tell you.
Holy Cow
First Happy Birthday to you!!! I just had a BBQ for both my husband and myself for our birthdays this past weekend and made a seperate cake for both of us. His was a poker table and mine was pink and black. Happy Birthday!!!!!
How long is all crisco good on the counter top? Covered in a bowl.
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