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I sure will, as soon as I figure out how to post, I will start posting the pics. I'm really new to the art, just completed Wilton I, began II on Monday night and I really love it.
Thank you so much, this has been so much help to me.
A co-worker has requested I make a ladybug cake for her soon to be three year old's birthday. She really loves ladybugs and thought that would be a good idea for a cake. Would I just tint buttercream icing red and some black? I have the general idea, just need to know the best way to create the ladybug's colors. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks
We had to bake and ice the cake beforehand. She taught us how to ice the cake, and how to use the different bags and to make parchment bags. She gave us a ton a pointers and gave us a really great box cake recipe. The only personal info she gave us involved cakes and how she had gotten into the art of cake decor.So mine was a great experience and she'll be teaching the class I begin tonight.
I just finished the first course and am beginning the second tonight. I loved it, found a gift that I didn't know existed. Don't be nervous, it is fun, go with the intention of having fun and learning. You will have to practice, practice, practice. I didn't have any baking equipment before I began, I have racked up a little arsenal of baking supplies and such. Next to having fun, once you learn how to make the icing that you will use for class, make sure you make up...
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