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I,have always used straws,either the bubble tea straws or just the plastic drinking straws.
I tried it as an experiment once. I used The King Arthur " Everything but the Kitchen Sink" carrot cake. Because the cake itself is very moist. I crumb coated it very well. It was in the fridge for a week and not the freezer. It was very fresh.
It is a beautiful cake. I love the way fondant looks. I just can't wrap my head around fondant though.. All that fondant just does not look too appetizing. To me, it's like you know you are serving something that's partially inedible..
I am doing the same with my 10 year old GD. We are starting out with mixes. I add one cyp sour cream and about a cup of mini chips to chocolate mix., And it make s great cupcakes too. We used malt balls to,decorate the sides.
I am almost positive that Craftsy has a class on this.
When you think about it, the cake is going to be cut anyway. Now, that really changes the look.
Thank You so very much cakeyouverymuch and everyone else. I am good to go!
You might be able to find an embossed rolling pin. I got mine from Chocopan.
Cakeyoumuch, I am on a iPad. I tried hours ago clicking on "mobile" and nothing changed.
Cakeyouberymuuch, The only thing at the top of the page are the words "Cake Central." I have tried different ways of getting on the site and it is always the same. Thank You though. Somehow, Itnwill be l sorted out.
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