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Definitely cringeworthy.  The baby butt cakes aren't any better.  Have seen one on Pinterest recently that looks like a Santa type sack with feet poking out of the bottom with a tag that says "A Blessing from God."  A Blessing!  Wahoo!  Now let's slice it up with a sharp knife.  Yuck.
I am looking for molds to make sugar diamond no larger than 8mm. I have searched every where I can think of, even going into one store that I hate doing business with (Sugarcraft). I can find the gems to buy on-line, but not the molds. I need a lot and I need them in unique colors, but I don't want to spend a fortune for them. Any ideas where I might be able to get them? Thanks!
Thanks! My daughter loves Mario. This will make a nice surprise cake for her.
I assumed that, too. Then my SIL threw such a fit over a cake I made for a family get together having fondant on it that I looked. Apparently it is fine for her girls to have nothing but pastries and white bread, but a little kosher gelatin was forbidden. No religious reason for them, though.
Try the Easy Marshmallow Fondant recipe from this site. It's made with marshmallow cream which doesn't have gelatin in it.
Hello. I'm not sure which I need to use or if a mixture is best. I'm making roses that need to be shipped. Any suggestions for which would be best? Thanks!
The one I got in my e-mail today has no minimum purchase and is through the 18th.
What is the technique called when the icing is piped on in decreasing size to build up high? Recently took a class and I can't remember what it's called! It was used years ago for wedding cakes and looked really tacky in a small amount so I wanted to find some examples of it on a full cake. Thanks.
The FN is no different than any other network - editing is used to create drama. Most viewers of this particular channel don't seem to really care about drama, but there's already 3 pages devoted to mainly the drama of the show, not the cakes. They do it because it does keep people watching and coming back. Watching the challenges and judging Kerry Vincent based on that is rather like thinking Jennifer Aniston is just like Rachel on Friends. And personally, I get...
Margarine doesn't generally work very well for decorating icing. I've found it doesn't hold it's consistancy very well and it makes the icing yellow.
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