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I also sell Avon on the side and someone took me for a $380 order. I was devastated that someone I trusted, who I saw every morning at work would do that to me. I didn't bother calling her back, I just contacted the County Attorney's office and did what it told me to do. It's been since May, but I still have hopes that the County Attorney will get my money back. I didn't realize that she had gotten fired from her job before I accepted her checks and gave her the items...
How do you use a flower nail for baking cakes? I hate using the strips. It seems I can never get them tight enough.
I think Mezzaluna had the right idea. I think it could have been said a little softer, but she was right. If you don't act like a professional, customers won't treat you with respesct. That's what happens when we try to be nice, people like to take advantage. As to the deposit, if the contract did not state that the deposit was non-refundable, I would return the deposit. You don't want to burn bridges. She may know someone who know someone and speak ill of you. ...
Heavenscent, I think the bride was so proud of your cake that she wanted everyone to know who made it and hoped that other people would want you to do cakes for them also. What a compliment.
I think RI last for years!!!! I made some flowers about 10 years ago when I took a class and kept it in a Tupperware container and the flowers still looked and tasted good. They were in a closet, so I forgot about them.
OMG!!! I can't believe having soooo many wedding cakes in one day. I have a Baby Shower cake on Saturday and I'm stressing on what design to use.You guys are the bomb!!!!
I've made a small wedding cake and had sheets cakes sitting on each side complimenting the main wedding cake. The table looked beautiful. I don't understand having a fake cake. I think the bride and groom are the 'stars' of the weddings.
Loved the hat and baby cakes. Would love info on making.
Hi!! I'm a newbie to this site. It's only been a couple of months. Addicted after the first time. Not really a cowboy, but wanted to show I was from Arizona. Boy it's been hot!!! Not good for the buttercreams. All your cakes are amazing. I've doding cakes for a lot of years, but have learned more in these past 2 months. THANK YOU!!!
I like the sound of Sugarmill Cake Company. I also think Darcy's Delectables rolls out easy. I'm new to this site and I'm ADDICTED!!!
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