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Wal Mart has a Neon Food Coloring Package. I use them all of the time.
I used the lips cutter for mine. Just take out the calla lilly and exchange it for a rose and this would loook good
What if you used some luster dust to make the flowers stand out from the leaves and such? I would focus on textures and luster dust maybe to help with that. Good luck!
Here is my Guitar Hero cake.
I think it depends on what icing you are using/temperatures and such. I have heard some people say it was better because their home was too warm, and I have heard others say that when they took it out of the fridge and set it out for the party, that the image began to "sweat" a little bit from the temperature change. So I am not really sure on this one.
OK. Thank you both!
My husband recently got me an edible image printer for our Anniversary, and I have been experimenting. I did a cookie bouquet where the center cookie had an edible image on it. I was wondering if anyone here has tried this, and could tell me if you have received feedback on the taste of the cookie with the edible image on it. The edible image paper I got was from and it is rather thick. I didn't know if this interferes with the overall taste/texture of the...
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