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Howdy yall!!! I'm in Borger....about 45 minutes North of Amarillo!  
I couldn't do anything in my kitchen without my KA!!! I love it soooo much! My mom bought it for me off of QVC a few years ago. On another note, my husband bought me a Hobart at a garage sale for like $50.00. I am loving having two powerful mixers in my kitchen.
I usually bake all of my cakes and then freeze them, no matter how much time I have. I have found that freezing the cakes makes them more moist. Maybe you can make enough room in your freezer for at least half of them and then on Thursday morning you can bake the rest.
Thank you sooooo much!!! I have often checked the Wilton site, but this is the first time that I have seen this link...Cool! Thank you all again!!!
Does anyone have the 2006 Wilton Pattern book that might be willing to help me? I have the Halloween cake to do that has the picket shaped windows. I don't have time to order the book off of e-bay, so if anyone would be willing to help me I sure would appreciate it! Thank you in advance!!!
Hi. I have never heard of such a thing!!! How strange, I really wouldn't guess why it won't work...I hope someone has a good answer...
Hi there! I am from Borger, TX...that is about 1 hour away from Amarillo! No one else near here? Just curious!
I do have an idea! I bet if after you spread your filling on the cake you would sprinkle it with unsweetened kool-aide, it would give you that sour kick! Although, I see that you posted that in May, maybe it would work for someone else. I hope yours turned out okay!
I am going to be going to my grandmother's house this weekend for her anual "June Birthdays" celebration. I want to make a cake, but I am not sure how to incorporate every one in it. Does anyone have any ideas? I though about doing a standing tree, like standingforjesus's cake, but is that too much like a reunion cake? I am just not sure.
What an honor! I would not know for sure what to do. Good luck!
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