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How do I mark a fondant cake for a quilted pattern. I would appricate any help , it is for a wedding cake and I have to finish it tonight. thanks. lswren
How do you mark a fondant cake for a quilted pattern. I am at a loss trying to get this cake marked, your input will be appericated. Thanks , lswren
The cake is for friends of mine. They said that they wanted me to make their cake, and they didn't care how much it cost. I want to be fair. I usually will only do cakes for my family.
Thank you, I did not know the cost went by servings. They will be here any time to pick-up the cake, again thanks a lot!
Can someone tell me about how much to charge for a wedding cake. It is a 14, 10, & 6 inch all torted and filled with raspberry filling. It has butter cream basket weave with vine decorations, and a variety of flowers (lilies to pansies) made of royal icing?
Thanks guys for all the help ! I found them at a outlet store close by, and learned something new. Will try on the wedding cake.
Sugar_Plum_Fairy,Could you please tell me where I can buy the sleeve filling that you are talking about. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks
Thanks Kimberina25 , I have a wedding cake to make for a friend, I will use this filling.
I need a raspberry cake filling that does not require refrigeration, Does anyone know of any ? I would Appreciate any help.
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