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I have a wedding cake to finish for this weekend so I torted, filled, and iced the tiers in advance. But they need to be re-iced and smoothed. When I removed them from the freezer, I let them sit out a bit and now they are wet and sticky. Do I leave them out to crust again or will they re-crust in the refrigerator? Or is it best to pop them back in the freezer and then ice them immediately upon removing? I hope there is a quick fix because I need to have the cake finished...
Oh no. I've read several posts where people freeze cakes in advance.
Hello to all the fabulous cake pro's on this site! I have torted, filled, crumb coated, and frozen my cake tiers in order to save on time. At what point can I ice them once I remove them from the freezer? Wasn't sure if they need to sit out for a bit or if I can ice them right away. Thank You!!
Are you suggesting fondant on top of the tiers because the white ganache would not be so white and will look too different? I've read where some people just ice their cake smooth w/ganache but I've never done it. The only reason I was inquiring about this is because I'm doing the bottom tier as a double barrel cake and thought the ganache would be easier and quicker than icing with buttercream. But maybe ganache just serves a better purpose if I were covering the entire...
I have another question about this cake. I normally finish my cakes with a smooth buttercream coat; not fondant because I'm not very good with it.  I've seen some posts where cakes are covered in white chocolate ganache for a smooth finish but most of the posts say this is the base coat and then fondant is placed over the ganache. Can I just cover this cake in the ganache instead of buttercream and attach the fondant "wraps"? Or will they slide off of the ganache. I...
Too funny! I didn't realize the bottom tier either. I was just focused on the wrapping part. Now I like it even better!
Wow, that's it! So, do you think the edges are just dusted with luster? Thank You!!
Does anyone know what this cake is covered in? Is it fondant? It almost looks like a meringue with the tinted edges. I am clueless and have no idea how to do icing like this. If anyone is familiar with this type of icing decorating or can direct me to a tutorial that would be great! Thank You!
Me too! If I'm decreasing the butter by that much then it has to be better! I'm so anxious to try it and I will def let you know how it turns out. Thank You
Ok, w/your measurements then I'd be decreasing the butter amount by 1 stick which is a lot. So, I am anxious to try this and hopefully it will do the trick. Thank You!!
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