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Boy, oh boy! I have that same problem. If someone out there has a secret, please share it with us. I watch Cupcake Wars, theirs dont seem to flare out??
Is anyone else having problems with their machine. I keep buying ink cartridges when they are still full. What a waste, and money.
I was just at the ICES cake show this weekend. They put a thin layer of crisco down first on the mat. It worked quit well. A new criket machine is coming into the market I think in May 2010. I'm in line to buy one.
hope this comes out. still trying to post pic.
for some reason, my picture wont upload.
Here is my copy and picture.
Here is my copy. Love the magazine. The pictures are so colorful and bright. Cant wait for the next issue. Great job Jackie!
I was watching Susan Carberry's dvd on gumpaste flowers. She uses a bottle top opener. Now why didnt I think of that. I always struggle to get that top opened.
You know I thought you ment filing with cream cheese, didnt read where you said iced. Yes I agree, it might be messy trying to cover your cake with the fondant. It will ooze out on you. You can fill with cream cheese, but I wouldnt suggest icing your cake with it, then cover with the fondant. It wont hold the fondant.
You can refridge, but it might get condensation, so you need to look at it in the morning if you have to wipe away water. Dont put your flowers on yet, wait after you take it out of the fridge first before delivery.
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