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This person is NOT worth your time
I always bake enough for 60% of the total number of guests invited, not the number actually coming. So if 200 people were invited, I would make sure there is enough cake for 120 people. And because another dessert is being served, I would probably recommend to the couple that they could reduce the servings to 80-100 if they like. Hope this helps!
Oh how this puts my mind more at ease! I'm in Manitoba where we are averaging 28-30 degrees every day with high humidty as well! Thank you so much for sharing that with me!
Thank you for your suggestions ladies! I think I'm going to bite the bullet and hope for the best. I do know the recipe I'm using (decorators cream cheese) does crust and harden up beautifully, so hopefully it will be enough to make the cake last until it's time to be eaten, I might get lucky and it might even rain, which would definitely help cool things off! Lol.
Thank you enga! That is my go-to recipe for cream cheese icing. I'm just worried about it melting and the rosettes falling off, as I've never made a cream cheese covered cake before and then had to leave it sitting it out in the heat.
I have a wedding coming up this weekend for a 2 tier carrot cake covered in cream cheese icing piped rosettes. However, I am getting super nervous, as I live in Canada where our summer is hot with very high humidity. I will have the cake in the fridge up until the point where I have to deliver to the venue, where the reception will either be outside or inside without any air conditioning! I warned the bride and groom ahead of time about how heat/humidity can wreck a cake,...
I would just email the client and tell them what happened, and I wouldn't offer a discount.
Thanks everyone! I'm glad it worked out too!
I heard back from my bro last night, and boy was I shocked! He was totally fine with it and said he understands, and no tantrum followed! Now I can only hope that everyone else in the family will follow suit! Lol. Thank you so much to everyone on here who offered your advice and suggestions- I greatly appreciated the feedback!
Ok everyone, my brother texted me today asking about the cake, so this is what I texted back: "I've given this a lot of thought, and I have decided that I am not going to be baking for family members/ close friends anymore, unless I offer to do so. It's nothing personal at all against you or the boys or anyone- I used to get excited to make cakes for everyone, as it was a great way to practice new skills and learn new things as I went along, but now it just seems that it's...
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