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Does anyone have the recipe for the Whip n ice?
Can anyone tell me why butterceam would fall off a cake? I made my butterceam like I normally do and crumb coated it first and then add the final coat with some fondant design. When my girlfriend got home with the cake I made for her the frosting on the bottom tier only had fallen off the cake. This has never happend to me before and I'm clueless at to why it did this time. My confidence level is shot and although I know that eventually everyone has a disaster...
Glad to know, I was wondering about that too. Can someone explain how to assemble something like that? Support?
I think it looks really nice.
Hi Charly,How about a sour cream coffee cake. Also, I would love to know what Italian desserts you make at your coffee shop and perhaps a recipe or two. I'm Italian and always looking for a great recipe to please my family.Thanks.Debbie
I'm so sorry for your loss. Words can not express my deepest sympathy.
Hi Courtney, I've seen many cassata cakes stacked for weddings and anniversaries. You just need to support your cake very well, but it's doable.
Does anyone have a good doctored recipe for yellow and vanilla cake. I'm also looking for the same recipes from scratch.Thanks.
This topic may have already been discussed in the forum, but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know of a tutorial or have detailed instructions for a book cake. Thanks for your help.Debbie
Awesome, I love the colors and the style. How do you construct a cake like this?Debbie
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