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I've included the emails below so that you can see them. BTW, I sensed this was a scam right away - I'm not usually this rude to potential customers. when will you have chance to do it for me so that the carrier can come for the pick up ?--- On Wed, 3/28/12, Suzy Q wrote:From: Suzy Q Subject: RE: cupcakes orderTo: jwhite101@ymail.comDate: Wednesday, March 28, 2012, 3:12 PM I'm sorry but I am unavailable for April 2nd. Thanks...
I received this email today. I deleted it right away after reading the "happy married". I also received one from a Judy White regarding a "cupcake order" a couple weeks ago so look out for that one too. They both reek of scam.
Yah, I was happy with the colours on this one - my Canon colours never turned out quite so nicely. I too used the Premium Presentation Matte Paper setting and chose Best Photo for quality. It uses more ink but the pictures are better and what I like best is that it doesn't yank the paper into the machine - that always makes my heart skip a beat thinking I'll be picking out little pieces of frosting from the printer if it breaks.Thanks for the compliment,Suzanne
I think it turned out great! What did you end up doing? Doweling it in? Using styrofoam? What worked for you? It really ended up being quite lovely.Great cake,Suzanne
I think the dowel idea is a good idea. I usually put a long sharpened dowel down through a two tiered cake into the cake board on the bottom to keep the top tier from sliding. You could just make it longer and set the bear on top of it firmly holding him in place.I'm not sure about the styrofoam - it would probably work but I've never tried it.Good luck to you and thanks for the compliment on my cake,Suzanne
I made this bear (see attached picture) out of fondant. She was too heavy though and I would suggest either doweling her in or hollowing out the bottom a little. She wanted to lean back all the time. I would also use 50/50 mix next time so it would dry faster.Live and learn right? And ask lots of questions here. Suzanne
I'm sorry if this has been asked before - if so, please point me to the tutorial or forum but I can't find anything.I was wondering how you do that open lid on treasure chests and jewelery boxes. I have a treasure chest to do for my daughter's birthday and would really like a tip or two if anyone could help me.Thanks so much in advance,Suzanne
I have this printer. It is a scanner, printer and copier. I use the scanner a lot and it seems to work well for the edible far. I've only done about 10-15 so far on it. I have no complaints so far. It constantly tells me that I"m out of ink when I'm really not but I just tell it to continue and that's fine. At first it was sucking in the paper really fast and I was afraid that it would break them, however, I realized that if I change the setting to...
I used the fondant ball and flower method with the plunge cutter. I left pretty good instructions under my picture I think. There weren't any pictures of popcorn cakes here when I made mine so I had to fly by the seat of my pants. I think the marshmallow method might be easier.Suzanne
I'm looking for a ballpark if anybody can help me. I've had an order for icing for 700 cookies. I'm not making the cookies but they are being purchased for children to decorate at a table at a Canada Day celebration (state fair type of thing). They just want me to provide enough icing for the children to use. It will all be white, it just needs to go in a large bucket or bowl and they're going to put it on with little plastic knives.I'm really stumped over this...
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