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I have searched the recipes on here & many other sites to find only one that sounded pretty good.  I made it yesterday for cupcakes.  The flavor was amazing but they are very heavy & dense & could probably be used for door stops.  I am looking for a delicious choc chip cake recipe that is airy & fluffy.  I would appreciate any tried & true recipes that I can use for my cake customers.  Thanks so much!
I am having a hard time achieving a bright pinkish (more bright raspberry) buttercream. I have tried so many different combinations.  Can someone please give me a winning combination of gel food color combos? Thanks so much!
Oh my! Thank you for that info. I will certainly check into that.
Hello,  I have just been asked by one of my customers if I could ship a fondant wrapped (small) birthday cake to her husband in Afghanistan.  Ship time takes 7-10 days. Obviously no decorations on it, but I always do his cakes for his birthday, & this is his first year away so she wants him to be able to at least taste his birthday cake, lol.  How possible is it to ship & how would I go about wrapping/packaging it?  I would use a box mix since they stay moist longer than...
I have been baking cakes for years, & I will freeze on occasion, but I always decorate them 2-3 days in advance so the buttercream can meld. My cakes are always super moist with no issues.  I NEVER refrigerate because doing that draws the moisture out.  I just leave them on the counter, decorated, until the customer comes to pick up.
I have a Canon MP560 wireless printer that takes 5 cartridges. I don't print images on a regular basis, so I don't think this is the printer for me. It started out making beautiful images, but if I don't use it regularly, the nozzle check patterns are way off, & after numerous cleanings, including cleaning the print head thoroughly, I am still having issues. I need a simple imager that takes nice pics & is more on the lower maintenance side. This printer has cost me more...
I have just spent the last hour mixing numerous small batches of icing trying to match a bright pink/rose or raspberry color for the pirate girl cake & I am at my wits end. I have tried pink, reds, fuchsia, & rose, but nothing is coming even close. It either comes out with a purple tint, or coral tint. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong, & what colors I need? Thank you!
Is there a trick to cutting out the wacky alphabet from fondant without it taking half a day & looking like crap? I am at my wits end. I am using a very sharp exacto knife on a wooden cutting board. Any quick suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thanks so much!
I need a clever way to carefully remove choc icing from a cake, & replace with white icing just under where the images will be placed. Do I spread entire cake with choc bc, then carefully scoop out areas to fill in with white bc where the images will go? In all my years of doing graduation cakes, this is the first request I've had for a white cake with chocolate icing AND edible images. I don't even know how well this will work, but would love to hear from all of you...
Thank you everyone for helping me out. Confectioncc....this is the exact recipe I used a while ago but could not find it.....this recipe is the absolute best.....thank you so much for finding it! Now it is in my favorites
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