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I asked this same question last week on this forum. I ended up using chocolate ganache and strawberries. Fabulous!
Thanks for the great ideas! I was stumped. This forum is great!
I am planning on a banana cake with almond buttercream frosting for my father-in-law's 70th birthday party. I would like to use a filling other than the buttercream. Any ideas? Thanks.
This is the cream cheese frosting recipe I use and it is fabulous. Very easy to work with. My one and only cake post is a carrot cake with this frosting.
I have never done this myself, but I saw on a wedding special on television where the bakery cut circles of parchment the same size as the cake boards and laid them on each tier.
My one and only posted cake is made with a crusting cream cheese frosting. It was very easy to work with.
I am in possession of some black walnuts. Does anyone have any ideas for filling and icing?
Thank you. I will try the double boiler.
The recipe was for Classic Buttercream--not Seven Minute Frosting. After the sugar/water mixture boils and reaches 248 degrees, you pour it into beaten egg yolks while the mixter is running. You continue to beat until the mixture is cool, then add two sticks of butter and flavoring.
I tried my hand at the buttercream recipe with the boiled sugar and water poured in a thin stream into beaten egg yolks. HELP! The first effort ended in the sugar/water mixture burning before it reached 248 degrees. The second attempt almost burnt the sugar/water mixture, which made the icing a very strange color--tan. Since I was adding Amaretto as my flavoring, I used it anyway. What did I do wrong? I would appreciate any help or someone's tried and true recipe.
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