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Oh boy, both yours and Fairytale's cakes are GORGEOUS! I wish I can try but my standard have not reached that level yet.....Thanks for sharing!
I just love to browse Debbie Brown's website and those pictures in her books
Beautiful cake! Love it!
Your cake is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the instructions.
That's COOL! I'm a great fan of Debbie Brown. How I wish I'm able to attend her lesson one day!Have FUN and enjoy yourself!
Thanks for the instructions. Your cake is beautiful!
What I did was pretty similar to Shirley's except I don't use piping gel nor corn syrup. I just cut sugar paste to the shape I want, cut the printed message (on construction paper) a little smaller than the shape of sugar paste plaque. Lay the printed paper on sugar paste plaque (without anything to secure), roll a long sausage (ie orange colour in picture) and go round the plaque, lightly press the 'rolled sausage' so that it will extend to cover a little of the printed...
Me too, I'm confused! Thanks.
I think it will cause the fondant to sweat. It happened to the "castle cake with baby dino" that I made (you can view it from my photo, you will notice that the colour different between the turret and the cake). I covered the cake with sugar paste straight from the fridge.
I don't have any advice for you as I myself is pretty in this. I'm just wondering since you mentioned that the cake is covered in fondant, will it be alright if the cake is refridgerated?
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