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I spray a very light coating of the baking spray on the bottom of the board before I stack it. It usually works quite well.
Check the cake decorating isle at your local craft stores (Micheal's, Hobby Lobby, Walmart) or cake decorating supply store. I've seen these cute cupcake boxes that hold from 1 - 4 regular sized cupcakes. You could also use those cute colorful chinese take out boxes that come in a variety of colors.
Congrats! You must post a picture of the cake when you get it! I'm so excited for you and a little envious, too.
I am totally amazed at the smoothness and clean edges of Sharon's cakes. I just ordered the DVD and can't wait to get it into my DVD player. I've also added her filigree cutter set to my Christmas list. Maybe, Santa will see I've been a really good girl!
When I use the cake extender recipe, I use all purpose flour and add a tablespoon of flavoring.
I am a Duff fan as well! I had been begging my dh for months to order satellite tv so that I could watch. He finally gave in! Now I can watch Duff and his crew every time they're on. It seems as though I can't live without two things Cake Central and Ace of Cakes....I'm doomed to have a couch potatoe behind!!!
I think the hostess got her just dessert!
Sounds like a great plan!
I don't know what it is about Bridezilla but I'm hooked. It's like being on drugs watching that show! It truly amazes me the extent people will go to for money. They got bought cheap!
It's great! I'm interested in learning gumpaste flowers and there are no places here that teach gumpaste flowers. I may have to invest in your video.
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