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I'm sorry y'all, I know this question has been asked a thousand times, so her it goes for 1001.If I make cupcakes tonight, will they be OK til Saturday morning?Also what is the longest you would make cupcakes ahead?Thank y'all so much for your help, everybody here is just great!<3 Connie
I wanted to let y'all know what happened when I emailed Wilton about the piece missing from my doll mold pan.They quickly sent me a replacement part. They have great customer service as far as I am concerned.Thanks gmcakes for the tip on contacting Wilton directly!!ConnieB
Thank you so much, I will get started on them as soon as I get back from NYC.Connie
OK, I am making homemade candy to give away as Christmas gifts. I am making chocolate dipped spoons, chocolate covered coffee beans, and some other chocolate candy. My question is do y'all know how far ahead of time I can make these. I don't want the chocolate to get that ungle white color that it gets from sitting to long. I will be wrapping them in celephane, which brings me to another question. Where can I buy celephane, either flat sheets or bags?Thanks y'allConnie
Risque! I don't know what came over me! I guess it's just because it's so simple.I should have said if you want to know the recipe you gotta pay the price. !Hey, you never know, they might be the next thing you see on the Texas Roadhouse menu.hahahahahahah yeah right!!!!!!!
I agree with the cream cheese filling and frosting, that's what RV cake is all about.P.S. I have also heard that you need to make sure that your RV recipe has vinager in it. That really makes a difference.
I did not add any additional flavor (coffee creamer) or anything to mine. In my opinion, you don't need anything if your cake and frosting are good. The adding of flavors are good for a different taste, if you would like.
IN the county that I live in our cable service (Charter Communications) has never offered The Food Network since we got cable offered to us (I live in the country).I was flipping through the channels while I was baking and cooking an Thankdgiving Day and saw Sandra lee. I thought to myself, I must be on public television, and she is doing a specila or something..ha haha ha . I looked at the bottom of the screen and saw that beautiful Food Network emblem and it was the...
I made the white velvet cake from the "Cake Bible" for a friends birthday and had to carve it out to look like a wrench because he is a mechanic. Anyway, I had some cake and frosting left over so I made some cake balls and dipped them in a combo of semi-sweet chocolate and white chocolate. I took them to my second job, which is at Texas Roadhouse. The Kitchen Manager tried one, his exact words were "this is banging"! He said that I have to know the recipe. I told him...
Quick question? Do y'all think that I could take a piece of fondant, tghen press a tool down into it to form the shape, let it dry, then fill it with chocolate and put it in the freezer to harden? Just a thought, I'm not sure if it will work! Does aybody know if the above would work?
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