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Sorry....moved to Virginia
Oops....I forgot to say "when working with fondant" How do you get sharp corners?
On square cakes. My corners are always somewhat rounded. Is there a technique for making them sharp?
I just had to make a moving box cake with clear tape running across it and lightly brushed piping gel in the area for the tape. It came out very glossy in that area. I don't know it that is the look your after but it worked out for my purpose....
She actually wanted a sculpted cake but I don't think I have that kind of talent...yet. I do not have a picture of the dog either.
Does anyone have any idea on what to do for a Chihuahua themed cake?
I think it is poor business on your former boss's part. I think that it is very important to make sure you know what you are getting into before you hire someone. She should have had you demonstrate your skill and determine if your style/technique was what she wanted before putting you through all of the lashings. This shows her total inadequacy as a business owner and boss. As far as cake decorating on your part...just keep practicing and perfecting and one day...put...
Don't mean to tell you I told you so but those silicone pans are nothing but junk...that's my opinion anyway.
Do you have any childeren, a favorite pet, a favorite place, aunt, mothers name? you may want to incorporate this into the name. One of my thoughts, although I didn't use it, for my business name was a nickname my mother used to call me when I was little. I think you need to make it personal to YOU.
Bonjour,Comment allez vous? Check, I believe they ship to France.Other sites you may want to check are www.cakesbysam.comwww.beryls.comwww.sugarcraft.comwww.earlenescakes.comHope this helps. Au revoir!
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